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Lifting Kettlebells


We’ve been training athletes for years. It’s time we started helping adult athletes as well. When we say adult athlete we believe everyone is an athlete, even if they’ve never participated in a sport. You still have a body that is capable of incredible feats if you put in the time and effort. Enter our fitness program for adults to unleash your inner athlete and achieve your fitness goals with personalized attention and training at Athletic Strength Club's private gym.

Adults have careers, jobs, and hobbies which have put repetitive stresses on them day in and day out for years on end. 

These stresses typically change the way their joints move. For example, if you’ve spent years at a desk you will likely have tight hips in several different ways; the muscles that flex your hips may have shortened, the muscles responsible for external rotation of your hips may be tight and limited. These changes will affect your ability to perform certain exercises.

So it is crucial to assess and monitor movement quality and plan a progression system based on the results of that assessment before beginning a training program. This is how we can make a significant impact on your results and minimize your risk of injury. This also lets us know if we should refer you to a physical therapist before you begin a training program with us. Movement/joint integrity comes before strength and performance.

If you’re ready to become an athlete again (or for the first time), to lose body fat, increase muscle mass, improve your quality of life, and are ready to redefine your capabilities: You’re ready to become your best at Athletic Strength Club.

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