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"The advanced level is mastery of the basics."

-- Ray Mancini, American Former Professional Boxer

So you’re an athlete? 

Odds are you’ve been playing your sport for years. 


But other than your sport specific training and conditioning, do you know how well you move? How is your mobility? Do you know how your general strength and conditioning stacks up against collegiate and professional athletes? How is your strength? Your strength endurance? Your power?


Do you even know the standards for which you should be striving?


For mobility, stability, and basic movement the Functional Movement Screen ( is a good starting point. It is used in the NFL Combine, NHL Combine, collegiate and professional teams around the US and the Globe use this screen to identify which of their athletes have a higher probability of getting injured. It consists of 7 fundamental movement patterns and identifies areas that need work and area’s that may require physical therapy or chiropractic work. We put all of our athletes and adults through this movement screen before they start training and re-assess them throughout their time with us.


Strength standards generally revolve around your bodyweight. The vast majority of college and professional athletes can all deadlift at least twice their bodyweight, squat their bodyweight or more, bench press 1.25 times their bodyweight, swing and snatch heavy kettlebells for 100 reps in 5 minutes, and much more. 

Our goal is to take you to all of these standards and beyond. To help you reach levels of mobility, strength, power, strength endurance, and conditioning of elite level athletes. We want to see you reach the highest levels of athleticism and ability so that you leave others in awe of your capabilities. 


Do you have what it takes to push to these levels? 


Join us and let’s find out. 

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